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Laura was born in the idyllic treasure of Weimar, Germany. After some years of musical exploration in Berlin she got educated in jazz singing at the prestigious University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, Austria. Since then Laura is active as a singer, composer, arranger and vocalist within several projects and collaborations in and out of Europe. Following her passion for the art of composition, her path led her to Brussels, where she is following a masters program in jazz composition at the Royal Conservatory Brussels in Belgium. She is touring through Europe, South Africa, USA and Brazil.

Music has played an essential role in her family, because her father, a blues guitar player and singer, influenced her with his impressive musical open mindedness. While her brother instantly fell in love with the drums, Laura started to play various instruments, the flute, the guitar and the piano until she found out, that nothing felt more natural and delightful to her than singing. At the age of thirteen she started to take her first singing lessons and later on she auditioned for the big band of the music school. She has been performing with the band as a vocalist since the age of 16. Prompted to take her singing further, Laura got accepted in a state founded preparation program for prospective music students in Berlin that supports the sincere wishes of those talented enough, to study jazz vocals. In Berlin she got the opportunity to work with some of the greatest berlin-based musicians and toured with the Jazz choir „Young Voices Brandenburg“ led by Marc Secara through South Africa and the United States. In 2011 Laura received a place at the prestigious Jazz Institute Graz, Austria.

During her time at the KUG Jazz Department, Laura immersed herself in all periods of the jazz tradition. Her passion for swing stood strong as she grew to embrace the many different styles of the ever-changing genre and began to write and improvise under the tuition of esteemed tutors such as Dena DeRose, Fran Lubahn, Ed Partyka, Annette Gießriegl and Michael Abene. Within her active work as a composer, she started to study Jazz Composition and Arrangement with Ed Partyka and Michael Abene at KUG and with Michel Bisceglia at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel. Being as well active as a presenter of the young jazz scene, she was involved in the organization of the international Jazz Festival „Jazz Werkstatt Graz“. In October 2016 she released her first album „Melodias Soltas“ with the Brazilian guitar player Marco Antonio da Costa which is published at „Session Work Records“.