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expand your breathing capacity through heart opening asanas and spinal twists

become aware of your major breathing muscles to feel internal expansion


explore the feeling of a relaxed voice

through vocalization and sound exploration within your yoga practice


learn to use your body as a resonance space get access to your full voice potential

Did you know that your entire emotions are resonating in your voice?

Did you know that the voice reflects the overall feeling and the physical wellbeing of a person? How to let go of blockades that have limited your potential of resonance?

Are you aware of the sonority of your authentic voice?

Can you let go of any unnecessary tension that the autonomic nervous system has imprinted in the body and patterns that it has developed?


Explore the power of your voice through deep breathwork and vocalization exercises within the secure space of a yoga retreat.

Dare to let go and relax to find your authentic voice – learn to speak and sing effortless and with ease.


Singing is a holistic approach to the body. Most of the children are born with a perfectly functioning vocal mechanism. Without thinking about it they have the ability to produce sounds of great volume and brilliance.

Because the body works as a whole - with expansive support and antagonistically lengthening muscles, the rib cage is absolutely unconstricted and the throat is perfectly open.

How many adults or grown ups maintain this ability without tiring their voice or cultivating tension that is stored in the body?

Develop a larger support system where the various parts work effortlessly to reconnect to your body and your natural voice.

You will explore different breathing techniques and learn more about your vocal tract, the major breathing muscles and their impact on your parasympathetic nerve system

Find out which nerves you can stimulate and relax through breathing and how to relax your voice with soothing vocalizations.

You will learn how to relax your larynx and open your throat to gain more resonance cavities and understand your body as one support system.

Learn about important muscles that are involved in singing, speaking and breathing and