„Since our body is the first instrument that we learn to play and yoga is a great tool to feel deeper - the combination of music and movement feels necessary to me.“ Since 2011 yoga is an important link between my passions - music, movement and using the breath in a healing and opening way.

How it started...

My name is Laura Lenhardt. I'm a Jazz Singer and Yoga Teacher. After training gymnastics at an early age I discovered yoga ten years ago in Berlin. Later during my studies of ''Jazz Vocals'' in Graz, Austria it was thaught in connection to stage presence and body awareness for musicians. As a singer my body

is my first instrument and yoga is a wonderful

practice that helps me to embody my breath and use it in an empowering way. That is exactly what I love about yoga, it gives you excess to different layers of awarness and learns you how to be in the present moment, which is in daily life as important as in a performance on stage. While teaching singing and working with my student on singing technique as well as posture; the link between relaxation and breath work becomes very clear to me.
Yoga enabled me to combine my passions: singing, music and movement. I did my first YTT with Carl Faure and Calli Poppham at Stretch London - Vinyasa Flow and with yoga icon Ana Forrest in Berlin - Forrest Yoga. The lightness of Vinyasa Flow that gives space for improvisation and playfulness and the strong and grounded Forrest Yoga with it's precise cues and it's clearity seems to be an interesting combination to me.To enhance my practice and teaching I like to challenge my self with inversions and physically strong classes of all styles, to remain open to any kind of input. I'm also deeply interested in functional anatomy and found in the austrian yogini and physiotherapist Maria Abel a great mentor.

I'm interested in encouraging people to use their breath in an empowering and healing way. Further to that I like the combination of flowing movements and the cultivation of groundedness both with deep Ujjayi Breath. Through hands-on assists I like to support my students to get a deeper sensation of the pose and experience the borders of their bodies. In my classes I like to hold space for my students to experiment, discover their strength and to overcome fears.


Teacher Trainings and Workshops:

- 200 h Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training at STRETCH LONDON with Carl Faure and Calli Poppham in Spain and London, April - June 2017

- 200 h Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training with Ana Forrest in Berlin in Sep 2017

- ''Functional Anatomy'' April 2018 for Yoga Teachers with Maria Abel in Graz, Austria

- ''Take Flight - Inversion Master Class'' Christian Coelho in Rio de Janeiro, June 2018

- ''Oficina de Cordas'' Iyengar Yoga com Marcia Barros in Rio de Janeiro, BR, June 2018

- October 2017 until May 2018 Yoga Teacher at Imagin-Abel, Graz, AT

- since 2018 Yoga Teacher at Sampoorna Yoga Brussels, BE

- since 2018 Yoga Teacher at Yyoga Brussels, BE

- since 2018 Workshops YOGA+VOICE in